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Grupo Loen & Asociados was founded in mid-1996. Today it has become a reference point for a luxury products on the Costa del Sol and Sotogrande. Our career is backed by a great deal of experience in project management, positioning us as a real estate reference on the Costa del Sol. Grupo Loen & Asociados has a great team of professionals that offers effective solutions in the Integral Management of Construction Projects.

Based in Marbella, Grupo Loen offers a great deal of professionalism and experience in integral project management, thus ensuring our clients security and confidence in the completion of their projects. Grupo Loen & Asociados team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals, along with our in-place network of qualified service providers means we can offer a full range of management services custom-tailored to fit each project’s unique requirements.

Modern construction is a complex minefield of schedules, peripheral conditions, legal obligations, and cost & resources issues. Without expert advice and guidance the project risks failure, and the client faces financial losses and possible liability. This is why we offer our service to our clients in order to ensure the success and confidence of their projects.



Monte Castaño   Promanque   RedPoint   Airesur  Tertia Aura

Monte Castaño   Promanque   RedPoint   Airesur  Tertia Aura


Luxury Villa ” Casa Nana” Bahía de Marbella

Plot Nº 17 for sale Los Flamingos. Benahavis

Casona 6 Lunas kitchen and living room

A New Project of 6 Unique Apartments in Marbella

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Luxury Villa for sale in Los Flamingos Plot Nº 18

Luxury Villa for sale in Los Flamingos. Plot Nº 10

Villa under construction in Los Flamingos Plot Nº 17

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If you want your building project to be successful, there is one thing that you must have, an expert project manager. Project managers ensure seamless coordination between various elements and teams, carefully plan every last detail, make sure that every deadline is met, and that legal obligations are complied with.


It is hard to be on top of everything whilst working on a construction project, and it is for that reason why many constructors look towards a professional team to handle their project management. Getting help with project management can save you an immeasurable amount of time and stress, turning a complicated process into a breeze, and allowing you to spend your time on other aspects of the project. By contracting a project manager, you can avoid both foreseeable and unforeseeable obstacles that could arise, and reduce the risk of your project becoming a failure. 


What is project management?

In essence, project management is the process of overseeing the smooth running of a construction project. A successful project manager takes the lead, seeking solutions for all types of problems that may arise during the process of construction, alongside the paperwork that a construction project entails. This process becomes even more important when looking to construct in a country that is not your own or one that does not speak your language. Good project management can help you avoid hidden pitfalls, it can help you with local customs and laws, and the practices within the country. Overlooking any one of these details could lead to major delays in the project that could last months or even years, alongside causing you substantial financial losses. 


Here at Grupo Loen, we have several years of experience in the Spanish real estate market, and we can help you see your project through to its completion. We are with you from the very start to the finish of the project, from the first feasibility study and market study of the project to the weekly control meetings with the constructor to check deadlines and progress. Even up to the workmanship warranty that covers the project from things that might go wrong, that lasts for a full year after construction has been finished. 


Our services


Our team here at Grupo Loen helps you from the start to the finish with your project. We offer you an expansive list of services, making sure that every one of your bases is covered as you proceed with your project in Spain, and that your project proceeds with zero stress and zero problems.  


Before construction starts


Before construction starts on the project, we will conduct a market study and feasibility study of the project, alongside a topographical study of the plot, and a geotechnical study of the soil so that you know every little detail about the area where you wish to build. From there on we will handle the complicated legal side of things; we will introduce you to the architect and get a contract signed, alongside getting you the construction license, and the other legally required insurances needed when building in Spain. Working together with the architect, we will go over and iron out all the details in the design plans for the project. 


During construction


During the construction phase of your project, we will handle all the legal paperwork, ensuring that everything is on time and correctly done. Our monthly reports will keep you in the loop with what is going on with your project with construction certificates. We will collaborate with real estate agents and also contract supply services for the project (water and electricity). Alongside this we also both control and monitor the perceptive by law Study of Safety and Health for the construction project and provide you with periodical reports.


The control compulsory by law documents for the construction company and suppliers – which each separate project needs to have, and includes the following: 

  • Safety and Health Plan
  • Working Centre Opening
  • Technical Suitability of the used materials
  • Concrete´s and Steel´s tests from the basement and structure.
  • Certificate of being up to date on salary payments.
  • Social Security Certificates, TC1, TC2.
  • Subcontractors Control Book.
  • Updated insurance of CR according with the budget of each development
  • Quality and Environmental Care Program.
  • Order´s Book.
  • Visit´s Book.
  • Incidence´s Book.
  • Register of Accredited Contractors and Subcontractors Companies.


Our in-house sales team will prepare the paperwork for the sale of the project, and handle the payment from the buyers. We arrange all the deeds from the new construction deed to the final construction deed for you, ensuring that your project is compliant with the Spanish laws and restrictions so that it is ready for you to do what you want with it as soon as construction is completed.  We also engage the Outer Technical Control of the construction, also known as the “OCT”.  



After construction finishes


We even handle the workmanship coverage, which covers the project from the moment construction finishes until a year has passed. This handles any correction or warranty work that may arise during the first year, and ensures security to both your project and its buyer. 


Why should you invest in Marbella?

Spain has a number of beautiful, one-of-a-kind locations that are more than worth a visit, but Marbella stands out above all the rest. Not only is Marbella known for the luxury lifestyle that it offers, but also for its booming real estate market for three main reasons: its rising property prices, great rental incomes if you chose to rent, and that it serves as the perfect environment for a dream holiday home for you and your family. 


When it comes down to investing your money in property, you want a property that will increase in value over the passage of time, not decrease. Marbella offers just that with its real estate market, which has shown continuous growth since 2012, with property prices in the area having increased by 50% since then. 


Not only this, but Marbella has always been, and remains a popular location – for both holidaymakers and people looking to move there alike. Whether you are looking to move there or to rent out your property, you are guaranteed to be in a high-demand zone. Owning a property in Marbella ensures that you will always have a holiday home to escape to during the long Spanish summers, or an extra income if you do decide to rent it out.

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